DevOps Culture Evangelist/Manager

DevOps is a mindset and a culture.
Are you ready for the DevOps culture?

During my time as Developer, Consultant, Build- & Release Engineer, Release Manager organizing and defining release processes and lately as DevOps Culture Evangelist/Manager, I have learnt, that DevOps is a mindset and a culture and not a job or a job description.

To establish this mindset and this kind of culture you have to know, how the organisation works. How people communicate and interact with each other. Understand how software flows from A to Z. Where are the bottlenecks and where improvements can help ease and spead up the flow.

Of course you can introduce some improvements into the process, with automation, but getting all people on board is essential. A commitment from all stakeholders, from Developers, QA personnel, to the Ops personnel, form Product Owner to Sales and Marketing responsibles is needed, to make DevOps work.

So are you ready for the DevOps mindset and the culture change? Let me help you introduce the DevOps mindset and culture into your organisation. LOOK at my experience and expertise in the DevOps field to help you make it happen.

As a team we can do it!

A Few Accomplishments

For more then 25 years I work in the IT field, hence my track record is long, so here only some of my recent accomplishments. Contact Me and request my profile to SEE the full picture of my success and be part of future success stories.

Deployment Management and DevOps work at PAYBACK

2014 - 2015, PAYBACK contracted me as DevOps Evangelist for helping them to continue their DevOps introduction. During my time at PAYBACK I worked as Deployment Manager for PAYBACK Mexico, PAYBACK Italy and PLENTI USA. In addition I developed a POC showing the power of KPIs for the DevOps culture.


FOSS: JePySi Visual Test Framework

2013 - 2014, I mixed up great technologies and tools to create a Visual Test Framework, called JePySi. Included in this mix up is the Gherkin test description language, the SikuliX test framework, the JPython implementation of Python, the CI tool Jenkins and VMs. Have a look: JePySi


CD for AutoScout24 Werkstattportal

2011 - 2012, the POs, Developers, QAs and Ops established under my technical project lead the processes and technologies for the first CD of a AutoScout24 product, called Werkstattportal. We enabled the PO to do a single click deployment to Test, Stage and Production environments.

Things I Can Do For You

I offer a T-shirt sized DevOps know how, with a wide general technology and tools experience and a deep insight and expertise in agile methods, pipelining and processes, Release- and Deployment Management. Contact Me and request my profile to IMAGINE what I can do for you.

  • Write the code: Jenkins, Ansible, Python, and more
  • Release- and Deployment Management of your products
  • Do documentation of your processes and pipelines
  • Drink coffee and spread DevOps know how
  • Inspire and ignite your DevOps culture
  • Bring your personnel together as one team

Contact Me

Use this contact form or the listed phone numbers (see Impressum) to get in touch with me and SHOW me what your challenge is.